Friday, July 06, 2007

Artist Gives Back to Families of Fallen Soldiers

Kaziah paints portraits of our fallen soldiers, free of charge for the families of the fallen.

This story touched me and I had to put something up. Regradless of your political beliefs what Kaziah is doing is amazing. Her web site can be found at here.

She was born into polygamy and raised in what she has described as mental chains. In December 1985, Kaziah Hancock stood on the steps of the courthouse in Salt Lake City and yelled, for everyone to hear, "Thank you God, I’m free!" Her book "Prisons of the Mind" describes the journey.

The fact that she is giving back in such a touching way is amazing!!

(Article I found about her)

Monday, July 02, 2007


Many moons ago ascii art was the way to go. Now the new method is here. HTML ART!! This artist used tables and background colors. It is amazing.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bugs Bunny Cartoonist Roger Armstrong Dies

A heart attack as taken the great artist Roger Armstrong. He was 89 and is known for his work on the TV cartoon Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones. He also worked on characters such as Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd, and Walt Disney characters the Seven Dwarfs, Donald Duck and Pluto.

He passed away at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California on June 7.

He is survived by a wife, a daughter, two sons and a sister.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Artist Begins Toy Solider Protest

Ben McGinty a artist and gallery owner is upset with the current status of the war in Iraq and has come up with his own way to protest the war.

He packaged up hundreds of toy soldiers already labeled with the President Bush address. He is asking people to come by pick up a toy and mail it to the president. He wants to give the President soldiers that do not really die to play with. He has put the toys in a large mesh solider in front of his gallery. So far the project has cost him $400.00 dollars

McGinty calls the mass mailing project 'March of the Toy Soldiers.'

The 43-year-old gallery owner says this form of protest feels more proactive than protesting on the street corner.

Ben McGinty is hoping this will get big and people all around the world will start sending the toys to the president. He is hoping the toys will accumulate to the point where officials at the White House will take notice.

Regardless if you agree or disagree you have to admit an artist imagination is amazing.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Artist Awarded for Topless Adventure

Jill Coccaro a New York artist decided to go on topless stroll in 2005. She was arrested for her exposer. After being held for 12 hours for indecent exposure she was released. Her attorney filed civil rights lawsuit based on a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that said women have the rights as men to be topless.

Well the great city of New York never admitted to or denied wrongdoing, but nevertheless, they agreed to pay the topless artist a $29,000 settlement with Coccaro.

Now I ask you do you think the artist Coccaro should be awarded for her topless stunt?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Artist Gets Revenge on Borat

New York artist, Linda Stein, was interviewed by Borat for a spoof show (for his movie) about woman's rights. Borat talked about women walking three steps behind men, pulling the plough and having smaller brains than men.

The movie Borat was a huge success and Baron Cohen won a Golden Globe for best comedy performance and earned an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.

The world should take note. The last person you want to upset is an artist. Her latest piece shows borat in his thong and small penis drawn on the thong. She feels that he should be able to take the being exposed the same as he did to her.

More can be read here

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Masterpiece stolen in art heist

A embrassing robery was commited against the Art Gallery of NSW. The thefts stole a valuable self-portrait by the Dutch master Frans van Mieris.

The embrassing part is that it is unclear when the small painting, 20 centimetres by 16 centimetres, was plucked from the gallery's walls or how it was taken from the building without alerting security officers. The timing is also bad considering the gallery, which recently revealed details of the biggest security operation in its history for an Islamic arts exhibition opening in eight days. The exhibition is believed to be tighter than at previous shows featuring key works by Renoir, Picasso, Pissarro and Van Gogh, according to gallery sources.

Police believe it to be a inside job and are going over all video.


Century Old Nude Heartsick Drawing Found

It seems that the artist Arthur Streeton had strong feelings for a woman named Florence. During the time they lived it would never of been accepted that she a wealthy woman would marry a poor artist. You see, Florence Walker was the younger sister of an wealthy art school colleague of Arthur Streeton. The story should of ended there but during a art restoration project, more then a century after the painting was done something was found.

Art conservator Michael Varcoe-Cocks had been carefully working on restoring Streeton's painting Spring for about a year when he came across a microscopic discovery of an inscription hidden in the paint referring to an unknown woman named Florry. The search was on to find what other hidden messages were in the painting. Other staff members also discovered other inscriptions, bearing messages like "Florry and Smike [Streeton's nickname]" and "Florry Walker's my sweetheart." Then a X-Ray scan was done on the canvas and it revealed a nude female figure that had been painted over. The search was on to find out who was this girl and some nifty detective work turned up the name Florence Walker.

Now was this a love sick artist showing his love by engraving his love in his art hidden for all to see or a stalker guy painting a nude image of a woman with out permission and hiding it from her? The world may never know. If this was a artist from today he would defiantly have some explaining to do. It would not be thought of as romantic. His restraining order would keep him 50+ feet away from her at all times.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nude Art Removed From Art Festival

Carolina Loyola-Garcia media art has been removed from the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. It portrayed the naked artist bathing with milk and honey in a forest. The video could only be viewed by looking through six small holes cut in black paper in a window along Fourth Avenue. The holes were high enough so that young children could not see the video, the artist said.

The piece was covered and unplugged after one of the city's largest businesses complained.

It was part of the Best of Pittsburgh 2007 exhibit. P-P-G found the display inappropriate. P-P-G owns the plaza where the multimedia display was exhibited.

Loyola-Garcia says that removing her art is ridiculous. Elizabeth Reiss, executive director of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, disagreed saying that nudity doesn't belong in street booths and that artwork should be family friendly value.

This is area where I get confused. I believe that censorship coming down from the largest business in the land is bad and ridiculous. However, if the art was inappropriate for children to see and parents attending had no warning or way to avoid the area then maybe that is wrong too. I know the argument about the statue of david and etc but is it not also wrong to force your opinion of nudity on the masses?

Follow Up: I just found out that this piece could only be viewed by looking through six small holes cut in black paper and the holes were high enough so that young children could not see the video. Well, if this is the case this changes everything. It is my opinion that it was WRONG to of censored this art piece. It was a adults choice to view the nude woman and the adult could stop at anytime.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Follow Up - Marco Evaristti Colors Mont Blanc

Well well well. Marco Evaristti has been in my blog a lot lately. First with the head line "Artist Makes Meatballs From HIS FAT!" (great story) and then there was the article "Artist to Paint Mont Blanc". Well now it appears that Marco Evaristti has achieved his goal.

He did not color the peak red with the biodegradable dye as he originally planned. Instead he and 15 others scaled to the 15,771 foot peak and placed a flag pole declaring the peak as the Pink State. After he draped the peak with eight swathes of red fabric.

Evaristti said he hoped the display would draw public attention to the effect of pollution on the Europe's most famous mountain.

After trying out the dye on Wednesday on a pass halfway up the mountain he was was briefly detained by Police. He faces charges of "mutilating a protected natural site." Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak, was declared a protected site in 1993. Most likely the reason he switched to the fabric method.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Court Artist Really Does a Number on Paris Hilton

Artists come on. Regardless of how you feel about Paris Hilton nobody deserves to be drawn this way. Somehow the artist captured her messed up hair and her pre-surgery nose. What happen to her ears they are the biggest ears I have ever seen. I understand that we want her to go back to jail but really I can hardly recognize her.

07758 225698 - Artist phone # to Dying Glacier

Glaswegian artist Katie Paterson has installed a microphone to get the sound of a dying galcier. The creaking and splashing of Eurpoe's largest glacier can be heard for a simple long distance call.

Apparently Katie Paterson, a final year student at Slade School of Art in London, was strinken with a bout of a fever and during that epsoide she had a hallucination that moved her to mic the giant Vatnajokull glacier.

She hopes that the link will encourage people to connect emotionally with the glacier, she told Reuters from her tent on the Icelandic shoreline.

"It is sad to see a vanishing world."

The work, entitled "Vatnajokull (the sound of)", will continue until June 13.

Only one caller at a time can get through, which was deliberate so people can have a "one-to-one beautiful and intimate moment" with the glacier, she said.

Follow Up: JLA thank you for sending me a link for the actual sound.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Indie Artist New Music Video is Incredible

Like the music or not it is amazing how far indie music videos have come.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Artist Show Tony Blair and Wife Naked

The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has become less popular since the Iraq war has turned sour. In this year's Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London a artist, Michael Sandle, has created a piece that will be displayed at the show. The piece shows the prime minister and his wife, Cherie, naked as Adam and Eve being expelled from 10 Downing Street, the seat of the British government.

The artist told The Daily Telegraph he was 'so angry with the loss of life in Iraq, the chaos and the futility of war' that he completed the massive work within a space of 10 days.

The picture shows the couple in the center as Adam and Eve and on one side shows British soldiers beating Iraqi prisoners and on the other bodies being piled up.

Sandle has put a price of 85,000 dollars that he believes nobody would pay but if they did he would donate the money to charity.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Look

Yes our site has a new look. There are some problems. Such as old comments have all been erased I am working on adding them again. If you remember putting a comment please refill the comment. If you did not have a comment please add a comment so my site does not look so lonely.
Lot more changes and features to come.

Follow up: Good News I have recovered all my comments!!!

Graffiti Artist Found Guilty

According to the prosecution Dudley Halls traveled from Manchester 250 miles to the Perth railway station to TAG some trains on June 12, 2005.

Even though tagging trains has become a prestigious art form by many graffiti aficionados, the Perth commuters did not see it that way. The affected train had to be removed from the tracks to be cleaned up. The train was set to be used for a busy Monday morning run.

A investagation worth of a CSI epsoide was launched. Perth Sheriff Court heard how Halls frequent website that display the work of tag artists. A camera was dumped near to Perth railway station was found to contain several pictures of the graffiti. A face mask also found near the scence of the crime contained Halls DNA. Also it was discoved that the artist is also a self-employed distributer of art-related supplies including spray paint. As the evidence rolled out Halls said he had been on a “sight-seeing” tour of Scotland with foreign friends and was effectively guilty of no more than being in the wrong place at the time.

Well you heard the evidence what do you think?

Article discovered at The Courier

Monday, June 04, 2007

Follow Up - Marco Evaristti to Paint Mont Blanc Red

I recently posted a article about a artist named Marco Evaristti. The article was about how he lipoed his fat, made meatballs from his fat and served it in a reenactment of the last super. He is making news again. Apparently he is planning to climb France's Mont Blanc to paint its summit red and establish an independent state.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in western Europe and the paint will be biodegradable. The soveregin state will be named the "Pink State". He plans to do all this raise awareness for environmental issues. He is not releasing that date of his climb because he does not want to let the police know.

The mayor of Chamonix, Michel Charlet, said "He can't say he is defending the environment and degrading a protected site at the same time."

In 2004 Evaristti colored an iceberg off Greenland red as a "artistic protest" over nuclear waste dumped by the United States.

Follow Up - Corgi Dog Eating Artist Moving on to Mash Potatoes

Last week Mark McGowan chowed down on dog meatballs made of Corgi to protest against animal cruelty. Now he is moving on to a much bigger project. He plans to bury himself in a mountain of mashed potato. He did not explain why. I have my own theories. Potatoes are constantly tortured. Their eyes are dug out. The are load into potato guns. They are mashed and served up.

I agree with him. Somebody needs to be the voice for mashed potato. Speak up. Tonight I am going to have mashed potato with gravy to add my voice to the protest.

Friday, June 01, 2007

British artist creates diamond-studded skull

Damien Hirst know for things like saying once that the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were like a work of art and later apologizing for that comment. Has created a piece called "For The Love Of God." "For the Love of God " is a platinum cast of a skull studded with over 8 thousand diamonds. According to his representatives the diamonds were ethically sourced.

The artist had hopes that the piece would be shown at the British Museum in London next to the Aztec turquoise skull which inspired it. The skull is currently on display at London's White Cube Mason's Yard. With a price tage of 74 million euro security is tight. It will be shown from June 3rd to July 7th.

When he asked what his next work would be, he said "Two diamond skeletons shagging."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Artist protest alleged animal cruelty by eating a dog!!

What is with artists and eating strange things. This story is another one of those what were they thinking tales. Mark McGowan chowed down on a Corgi dog , the breed of dog Queen Elizabeth II favors as pets, to protest against the fact that Prince Philip, the queen's husband, had beaten a fox to death during a hunt.

The Corgi was minced with apple, onion and seasoning, turned into meatballs and served with salad.

McGowan said that he was not the only one to taste the meal supposedly Yoko Ono had a bite also. (Now we can hate her for more then just breaking up the Beatles.)

Buckingham Palace declined to comment, and Britain's top animal-protection charity said there was no evidence to support the claim that Prince Philip abused the fox in the first place.

Please note: Picture is not the actual dog used in the meal. However, his cuteness made the story even more sad.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Artist Makes Meatballs From HIS FAT!

Do not eat dinner at Marco Evaristti house. Apparently the artist had his fat removed from his body by liposuction and the put the fat into meatballs all in the name of art.

His work has been labeled disgusting, publicity. Evaristti says he is simply trying to highlight some of the double standards he sees in the world around him.

In order for Evaristti to replicate Christ's last super he placed 13 tins of the meat on a long table. Then he invited 12 of people to join him in eating the meatballs. Yummy! Now I ask you all is this art or not?

I would like thank for sending me this incredible story. The actual new article can be found at

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Artist Joerg Immendorf dies

Joerg Immendorff died on Monday. The disease ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis finally took his life. Immendorff will be missed and his oil paintings, prints and sculptures that mixed surrealism with an element of satire will be left in his memory.

I first heard about this artist in 2004 when he was fined 150,000 Euros and an 11 month suspended prison sentence. He pleaded guilty to charges related to the publicized "cocaine orgy" at a hotel. Immendorff , then terminally ill, said he only wanted to go out with a fling. He invited several prostitutes to a party in a hotel room that had quantities of alcohol and drugs were made available.

Other items I have read about this artist is when the disease made it impossible for him to paint with his left hand he switched to his right hand and when the disease made it impossible for him to paint at all he directed his assistants to paint for him from his wheelchair.

Immendorff set up a foundation in his own name to finance medical research into the condition in 1998

Picture from

Monday, May 28, 2007

Artist just uses ketchup and fries

OK! OK! The line of what is art and what is not art is always blurry but an artist that does the entire piece in ketchup is perfect. He uses ketchup as his paint and a french fry as his paint brush. His name is Jason Baalman. He does most of his work at night. He has been buying a lot more ketchup since releasing this youtube video. He has now done work for MC Donald's and even CNN.

UPDATE: The first post was done this weekend and I will admit it was kind of weak. I did some more research on Jason Baalman and what I found is incredible. His YouTube site is amazing. It has won #50 - Most Subscribed of all time, # 2 Most Subscribed -GURUS and #4 Most Viewed of all time - Gurus

The works that he has uses crayons, chocolate and even some MS Paint. You see him working each piece and you will sit there fascinated. Make sure you do not miss this. He is also selling his work on ebay and the prices have not gone crazy YET!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Toddlers Kicks Monks Sand Art

If anybody has seen this done you would know why this is so amazing. Each grain of said is carefully laid in place by monks. No glue is used and the piece that a toddler destroyed took two days to do so far. There is video greatness and mom is quick to remove the kid and run.

Did the monks go crazy and summon up some mad Kung Foo move. No they are working on fixing the art right now. They said it just means they will have to work harder.

500 Years of Women in Art

From the wow and too much time on his hands column. Take a look at this video, 500 years of female portraits in Western art are morphed from one to the next in this video. Very amazing and music is perfect. I love when you gets to arround 2:17. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Artist Head was Offered to a Museum

Yes that is right the artist, Ted Dewan, offered to pay to have his head shrunk and then placed in the Oxford University's Pitt Rivers Museum.

The museum already has a collection of shrunken heads (10 of them to be exact) from South America. Artist and children's writer, Ted Dewan, has told the museum that he will leave a shrunken head in his will to the museum as long as the original collection is returned. The museum has rejected the offer. This has brought up the question once again, should human remains be put on display? History Museum in London recently returned the 19th century remains of aboriginal people from Tasmania for repatriation following a lengthy campaign by community leaders. The Pitt Rivers Museum is an anthropological facility, with a collection of over 2,000 human remains (SWEET).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Ink

I laughed so hard at this one. I know it is not nice to laugh at others art but this one was a little permanent. I can see what the artist was trying to do but something got lost along the way. This was also in loving memory. Ouch!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WOW! When this video started I thought it was going to be about how tattooing is a real art form but then it exploded. The concept of having multiple artist working on one piece at the same time. What comes out is unusal and beautiful. I would love to work on any of the fusion projects.

Rembrandt's 370-year-old piece stolen within minutes.

It was very quick," said gallery owner Tom Hilligoss.

In the preview room on fourth floor of the Westfield North Bridge mall near the main receptionist's desk hung Rembrandt's piece called "Adam and Eve." The etching with a estimated worth of $60,000 dollars was on consignment and was the oldest piece in the gallery. It took a ordinary looking couple less then 5 minutes to walk away with it.

The gallery has a security camera trained on its elevator, which leads to the street, but not on the back door that leads into the mall, where employees believe the couple escaped.

Famous quote: "We should have more cameras. I guess we'll have more now," Hilligoss said.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Garage Sale Painting valued at $100,000

Stick this in to the most embrassing sales column. Somebody sold the painting of Lake Okanagan by E.J. Hughes for $200 dollars. It is expected to get over $100,000 dollars in auction.
Paul Martin has been searching flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales for awhile looking for art and antiques for his southern Ontario home. He had no idea of the value of his $200.00 purchase. He then began to research the artist Hughes and decided to contact Heffel Fine Auction House to arrange for the sale of the painting.
He plans to pay down his mortgage with profits of the auction.

UM . . . New Record . . . 72.8 Million for Rothko's White Centre

New Record!!!! Rothko's White Centre became the most expensive post war art sold at auction! 72.8 million from somebody on the phone!!!

It was sold by 91-year-old David Rockefeller. That bought it for $8,500.00 in 1960. He made a little bit of profit on his purchase. What do you think he is doing with that profit? Mr Rockefeller, will donate the proceeds from the sale to charity. (Did i mention that i am starting a charity?)

The painting used to hang in his office when he was chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1961 to 1981.

Rothko fitting the suffering artist mold was found by his assitant in 1970 on the kitchen floor with sliced open arms and later discoved he also overdosed on anti-depressants.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Art or Very Kewl Ride?

An amusement park ride is used to create what is likely the world's largest spirograph. According to the comments on the video, he connected a gas generator and air compressor to buckets of paint and secured them into the seats of a Scrambler amusement park ride. Once the ride was in motion, paint sprayed out of the benches onto vinyl tarps placed underneath.