Monday, May 28, 2007

Artist just uses ketchup and fries

OK! OK! The line of what is art and what is not art is always blurry but an artist that does the entire piece in ketchup is perfect. He uses ketchup as his paint and a french fry as his paint brush. His name is Jason Baalman. He does most of his work at night. He has been buying a lot more ketchup since releasing this youtube video. He has now done work for MC Donald's and even CNN.

UPDATE: The first post was done this weekend and I will admit it was kind of weak. I did some more research on Jason Baalman and what I found is incredible. His YouTube site is amazing. It has won #50 - Most Subscribed of all time, # 2 Most Subscribed -GURUS and #4 Most Viewed of all time - Gurus

The works that he has uses crayons, chocolate and even some MS Paint. You see him working each piece and you will sit there fascinated. Make sure you do not miss this. He is also selling his work on ebay and the prices have not gone crazy YET!