Thursday, June 14, 2007

Artist Gets Revenge on Borat

New York artist, Linda Stein, was interviewed by Borat for a spoof show (for his movie) about woman's rights. Borat talked about women walking three steps behind men, pulling the plough and having smaller brains than men.

The movie Borat was a huge success and Baron Cohen won a Golden Globe for best comedy performance and earned an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.

The world should take note. The last person you want to upset is an artist. Her latest piece shows borat in his thong and small penis drawn on the thong. She feels that he should be able to take the being exposed the same as he did to her.

More can be read here

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Masterpiece stolen in art heist

A embrassing robery was commited against the Art Gallery of NSW. The thefts stole a valuable self-portrait by the Dutch master Frans van Mieris.

The embrassing part is that it is unclear when the small painting, 20 centimetres by 16 centimetres, was plucked from the gallery's walls or how it was taken from the building without alerting security officers. The timing is also bad considering the gallery, which recently revealed details of the biggest security operation in its history for an Islamic arts exhibition opening in eight days. The exhibition is believed to be tighter than at previous shows featuring key works by Renoir, Picasso, Pissarro and Van Gogh, according to gallery sources.

Police believe it to be a inside job and are going over all video.


Century Old Nude Heartsick Drawing Found

It seems that the artist Arthur Streeton had strong feelings for a woman named Florence. During the time they lived it would never of been accepted that she a wealthy woman would marry a poor artist. You see, Florence Walker was the younger sister of an wealthy art school colleague of Arthur Streeton. The story should of ended there but during a art restoration project, more then a century after the painting was done something was found.

Art conservator Michael Varcoe-Cocks had been carefully working on restoring Streeton's painting Spring for about a year when he came across a microscopic discovery of an inscription hidden in the paint referring to an unknown woman named Florry. The search was on to find what other hidden messages were in the painting. Other staff members also discovered other inscriptions, bearing messages like "Florry and Smike [Streeton's nickname]" and "Florry Walker's my sweetheart." Then a X-Ray scan was done on the canvas and it revealed a nude female figure that had been painted over. The search was on to find out who was this girl and some nifty detective work turned up the name Florence Walker.

Now was this a love sick artist showing his love by engraving his love in his art hidden for all to see or a stalker guy painting a nude image of a woman with out permission and hiding it from her? The world may never know. If this was a artist from today he would defiantly have some explaining to do. It would not be thought of as romantic. His restraining order would keep him 50+ feet away from her at all times.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nude Art Removed From Art Festival

Carolina Loyola-Garcia media art has been removed from the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. It portrayed the naked artist bathing with milk and honey in a forest. The video could only be viewed by looking through six small holes cut in black paper in a window along Fourth Avenue. The holes were high enough so that young children could not see the video, the artist said.

The piece was covered and unplugged after one of the city's largest businesses complained.

It was part of the Best of Pittsburgh 2007 exhibit. P-P-G found the display inappropriate. P-P-G owns the plaza where the multimedia display was exhibited.

Loyola-Garcia says that removing her art is ridiculous. Elizabeth Reiss, executive director of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, disagreed saying that nudity doesn't belong in street booths and that artwork should be family friendly value.

This is area where I get confused. I believe that censorship coming down from the largest business in the land is bad and ridiculous. However, if the art was inappropriate for children to see and parents attending had no warning or way to avoid the area then maybe that is wrong too. I know the argument about the statue of david and etc but is it not also wrong to force your opinion of nudity on the masses?

Follow Up: I just found out that this piece could only be viewed by looking through six small holes cut in black paper and the holes were high enough so that young children could not see the video. Well, if this is the case this changes everything. It is my opinion that it was WRONG to of censored this art piece. It was a adults choice to view the nude woman and the adult could stop at anytime.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Follow Up - Marco Evaristti Colors Mont Blanc

Well well well. Marco Evaristti has been in my blog a lot lately. First with the head line "Artist Makes Meatballs From HIS FAT!" (great story) and then there was the article "Artist to Paint Mont Blanc". Well now it appears that Marco Evaristti has achieved his goal.

He did not color the peak red with the biodegradable dye as he originally planned. Instead he and 15 others scaled to the 15,771 foot peak and placed a flag pole declaring the peak as the Pink State. After he draped the peak with eight swathes of red fabric.

Evaristti said he hoped the display would draw public attention to the effect of pollution on the Europe's most famous mountain.

After trying out the dye on Wednesday on a pass halfway up the mountain he was was briefly detained by Police. He faces charges of "mutilating a protected natural site." Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak, was declared a protected site in 1993. Most likely the reason he switched to the fabric method.