Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Artist Begins Toy Solider Protest

Ben McGinty a artist and gallery owner is upset with the current status of the war in Iraq and has come up with his own way to protest the war.

He packaged up hundreds of toy soldiers already labeled with the President Bush address. He is asking people to come by pick up a toy and mail it to the president. He wants to give the President soldiers that do not really die to play with. He has put the toys in a large mesh solider in front of his gallery. So far the project has cost him $400.00 dollars

McGinty calls the mass mailing project 'March of the Toy Soldiers.'

The 43-year-old gallery owner says this form of protest feels more proactive than protesting on the street corner.

Ben McGinty is hoping this will get big and people all around the world will start sending the toys to the president. He is hoping the toys will accumulate to the point where officials at the White House will take notice.

Regardless if you agree or disagree you have to admit an artist imagination is amazing.