Friday, April 28, 2006

Master Artist Living Amongst Us?

I belong to incredible art community ArtAnonymous. The community is 800+ strong of some really interesting and incredible people.

I recently asked the question if there was a Master artist living amongst us that would be studied for years after they were long gone. I expected to hears names of artist that are so untouchable the only way you could ever talk to them is if you had wine and cheese in your hand and were handing over thousands of dollars. I was pleasantly surprised when the answer came back Cyn and I was even more surprised when this now labeled master artist responded shyly back to the group.

If you do not know who Cyn McCurry is then you are missing out. So much emotion is displayed in her art. You feel drawn into a story line that you want to care about. I have two personal favorites "Self Portrait with Egg" and "Love/Fear" but they are all incredible and should not be missed.

I welcome comments and other suggestions for master artist amongst us.