Sunday, April 30, 2006

Art Trouble News Weekly Wrap Up

What is the cost of a gift?
Imagine if you were a well know artist and you tried to give an art piece to some one as a gift and they said thank you very much but handed you a bill for receiving that gift. According to a associated press article that is what happened to the artist Wyland.

Wyland has painted over 93 marine themed murals in public areas to raise awareness of environmental issues. When one of his walls was being torn down he offered to paint another piece for FREE on a wall of the Milwaukee Public Museum! This is when he was told that the county was going to charge him for painting a free mural because he makes money off t-shirts and other items. "That's probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard," Wyland told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by phone from Florida. "They want to charge me to come there and give a free mural to the county? This guy's really out of touch. This is a first."

Artists Nail Bomb Art
This is one way to get your art noticed. A 36 year old artist decided to leave five boxes with nails sticking out around London as a work of her art. Police, bomb experts and helicopters where called in. Parts of the city where closed and evacuated. It was estimated to of cost police £100,000 and delayed up to 100,000 commuters. The artist later turned herself in. An anti-terrorist source said: "This prank spread fear and anxiety among thousands. To do such a thing after last July's outrages defies belief." The woman was charged with causing a public nuisance and released on bail.