Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Century Old Nude Heartsick Drawing Found

It seems that the artist Arthur Streeton had strong feelings for a woman named Florence. During the time they lived it would never of been accepted that she a wealthy woman would marry a poor artist. You see, Florence Walker was the younger sister of an wealthy art school colleague of Arthur Streeton. The story should of ended there but during a art restoration project, more then a century after the painting was done something was found.

Art conservator Michael Varcoe-Cocks had been carefully working on restoring Streeton's painting Spring for about a year when he came across a microscopic discovery of an inscription hidden in the paint referring to an unknown woman named Florry. The search was on to find what other hidden messages were in the painting. Other staff members also discovered other inscriptions, bearing messages like "Florry and Smike [Streeton's nickname]" and "Florry Walker's my sweetheart." Then a X-Ray scan was done on the canvas and it revealed a nude female figure that had been painted over. The search was on to find out who was this girl and some nifty detective work turned up the name Florence Walker.

Now was this a love sick artist showing his love by engraving his love in his art hidden for all to see or a stalker guy painting a nude image of a woman with out permission and hiding it from her? The world may never know. If this was a artist from today he would defiantly have some explaining to do. It would not be thought of as romantic. His restraining order would keep him 50+ feet away from her at all times.