Monday, June 11, 2007

Follow Up - Marco Evaristti Colors Mont Blanc

Well well well. Marco Evaristti has been in my blog a lot lately. First with the head line "Artist Makes Meatballs From HIS FAT!" (great story) and then there was the article "Artist to Paint Mont Blanc". Well now it appears that Marco Evaristti has achieved his goal.

He did not color the peak red with the biodegradable dye as he originally planned. Instead he and 15 others scaled to the 15,771 foot peak and placed a flag pole declaring the peak as the Pink State. After he draped the peak with eight swathes of red fabric.

Evaristti said he hoped the display would draw public attention to the effect of pollution on the Europe's most famous mountain.

After trying out the dye on Wednesday on a pass halfway up the mountain he was was briefly detained by Police. He faces charges of "mutilating a protected natural site." Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak, was declared a protected site in 1993. Most likely the reason he switched to the fabric method.