Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Enjoy a trip with Alex Grey and TOOL

Album Cover Tool 10,000 days
The new album, 10,000 days, from the band Tool came out yesterday. The art of Alex Grey featured in the new album with one catch, 3d BABY! That's right you open the album up and a pair of stereoscopic eye pieces flip out. With a little adjustments you are thrown into the 3d art of Alex Grey. The effects are solid!

Colors are crisp and you find yourself searching the 3d images for every little detail. One piece has a incredible Dorset effect that with the 3d eyes pieces puts you on a jounery into infinity with Alex Grey.

If you do not like Tool you need to find somebody that does and peer into the 3d goodness of Alex Grey. SWEET!

Alex Grey is also selling signed albums on his site or get a Unsigned Album

In addition to the art there excellent 3d photos captured by Travis Shinn. Apparently, the photos are pieces of a puzzle. The mystrey of the 10,000 days puzzle has not been solved. Comment if you have ideas on the puzzle

*** One Funny Addition Special for tool fans ***

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