Saturday, May 06, 2006

Get your art organized

One of my art troubles is organizing all my photos and art. I need a solution that will keep track of all my photos that I collect for drawing reference and all my scanned drawings. I also need a solution to be able to touch up scanned images to fix all the damage the scan did. I also would like the solution to be tied directly into my blog and let me upload my art right from the software.

Google apparently did it again. I downloaded the free utility Picasa and have been thrilled with it. Scanned images are automatically categorized and easily retrieved. The "feeling lucky" button corrects the scan damage almost 100% of the time. Oh yeah, it is even tied directly to "Hello" image hosting. This allows me to quickly share my images and post it directly to the blog. Setup between Hello and Picasa was tricky at first but once it was done it worked perfectly.

Oh yeah did I metion the cost is right FREE! There a ton more features that I do not use like creating CDs and slideshows.

I added a link to the top right of my blog to download and check out this powerful FREE tool. Just click "Get Photo Software from GOOGLE.

Are there any other products people would like to recommend?