Friday, June 08, 2007

07758 225698 - Artist phone # to Dying Glacier

Glaswegian artist Katie Paterson has installed a microphone to get the sound of a dying galcier. The creaking and splashing of Eurpoe's largest glacier can be heard for a simple long distance call.

Apparently Katie Paterson, a final year student at Slade School of Art in London, was strinken with a bout of a fever and during that epsoide she had a hallucination that moved her to mic the giant Vatnajokull glacier.

She hopes that the link will encourage people to connect emotionally with the glacier, she told Reuters from her tent on the Icelandic shoreline.

"It is sad to see a vanishing world."

The work, entitled "Vatnajokull (the sound of)", will continue until June 13.

Only one caller at a time can get through, which was deliberate so people can have a "one-to-one beautiful and intimate moment" with the glacier, she said.

Follow Up: JLA thank you for sending me a link for the actual sound.