Monday, June 04, 2007

Follow Up - Marco Evaristti to Paint Mont Blanc Red

I recently posted a article about a artist named Marco Evaristti. The article was about how he lipoed his fat, made meatballs from his fat and served it in a reenactment of the last super. He is making news again. Apparently he is planning to climb France's Mont Blanc to paint its summit red and establish an independent state.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in western Europe and the paint will be biodegradable. The soveregin state will be named the "Pink State". He plans to do all this raise awareness for environmental issues. He is not releasing that date of his climb because he does not want to let the police know.

The mayor of Chamonix, Michel Charlet, said "He can't say he is defending the environment and degrading a protected site at the same time."

In 2004 Evaristti colored an iceberg off Greenland red as a "artistic protest" over nuclear waste dumped by the United States.