Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Graffiti Artist Found Guilty

According to the prosecution Dudley Halls traveled from Manchester 250 miles to the Perth railway station to TAG some trains on June 12, 2005.

Even though tagging trains has become a prestigious art form by many graffiti aficionados, the Perth commuters did not see it that way. The affected train had to be removed from the tracks to be cleaned up. The train was set to be used for a busy Monday morning run.

A investagation worth of a CSI epsoide was launched. Perth Sheriff Court heard how Halls frequent website that display the work of tag artists. A camera was dumped near to Perth railway station was found to contain several pictures of the graffiti. A face mask also found near the scence of the crime contained Halls DNA. Also it was discoved that the artist is also a self-employed distributer of art-related supplies including spray paint. As the evidence rolled out Halls said he had been on a “sight-seeing” tour of Scotland with foreign friends and was effectively guilty of no more than being in the wrong place at the time.

Well you heard the evidence what do you think?

Article discovered at The Courier